We have considerable knowledge and experience in organising events from conception to completion, gained over many years of working with corporate, public and voluntary sectors.

With first-hand knowledge of our services we feel our combined strengths in all aspects of event management allows us to provide you with the support that you require.

EventSheAlity’s experience is in both fundraising and event management.  As a consultant planning resource, we can create, develop and manage all or part of your event, this is where EventSheAlity thrives, our passion, knowledge and experience is how we can help.

“Andrea Atkinson is a true professional of the Events World.  Incredibly well connected with an encyclopaedic list of suppliers up her sleeve. She works fast, sticks to the budget and effortlessly delivers.  A great secret weapon when wanting to put on that special event!  The ideas just keep coming and she is a real inspiration”

David Swann| Glass Tech Fixings Ltd

Let’s Start Planning Your Perfect Event!

EventSheAlity can help ensure your event will be an outstanding success, whatever its size or budget.